Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moving Out

Because we have already moved in our new home and starting a new phase of life, I've decided to leave this page too along with the stories of my past.

Goodbye, dear page. Thank you for being there with me since '07. You have been a very good companion.

signing off

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We're Moving...

sooooon. :)

excited wifey ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Master's Bedroom Bedframe


After being heartbroken, eto na... another item checked on our list. :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

my (soon-to-be) happy feet

Last time I saw a gladiator in Charles & Keith. Nice thing is they have size 35 in stock! (Oh, u know masyadong cute ang paa ko hirap ako maghanap ng size ko. Either stores or the certain style i want is having size 36 as the smallest or someone has already reserved or bought the item before ako dumating)

I was about to purchase the item when my husband blurted, "bili na rin tayo ng tungkod!"

So I end up not buying the glads. I know he'll tease me forever if I did.

Last week when we were roaming around SM North, I saw another pair of gladiators that I want. Seems like Francis doesn't want na naman the style. So I said, "sa susunod na lang ako bibili pag c Mama ang kasama ko." Sadly, Mom and I didn't have time to drop by the store when we went to Manila.

Ngyon, gusto ko pa rin sya... Ay, basta. babalikan ko un this weekend. Sana lang may size ako (at sana wala nang kokontra)! :)

...Summer na summer na kelangan masaya ang paa. ;)

see u soon! :)

excited shopper

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

No, pleaaassseeeeee....

I'm excited about being a home-maker. It may be tough but, well, that's part of life. And I think I'm ready to face the challenge. I should be. (Else, it woud be hardER.)

Soon I'd no longer have the privilege of having household help. (I told my mom though that i'd be needing a hand for the once a month general cleaning. :)) For everyday tasks, I would be in-charge. I'd be the one to do all the home cleaning and washing of dishes and of clothes. And I'll cook 'real' food. I just hope my cafe' world skills would work. hahahaha! :D

There's just one thing that I dread doing. Ironing of clothes. No, pleeeaaassseeeeee....

When I was still in Dubai, I always hated my "ironing time". Kelangan lang talaga gawin e. There were times when Francis do the chore for me. Kaya naman when I came back here in Pinas happy happy ang beauty ko. Someone does the ironing for the family.

Im thinking of scheme(s) to avoid the task. Hiring a helper nor taking the clothes to laundry shops for pressing service wouldn't be an option as it will dent the budget. So, we'd go home to San Pablo weekly to have our clothes ironed? I hope the husband agrees. ;)

not your plantsadora! ;)

Monday, April 05, 2010


Saturday, we first saw it.

Sunday, we came back and thought it might be "the one".

Wednesday, we've decided we'd get it.
And just when we're so ready to have it we were told "Sold na po ito. Knina lang".

brokenhearted couple

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Level Up!

We spent the weekend in QC.

March 26, Fri
After my coffee date with Lyn, my friend from my previous job, Francis and I were supposed to watch "Miss U Like Crazy". But we thought we won't be able to make it to Megamall or SM North on time for the 7pm screening so we decided to roam in Makati malls in search for home appliances... wow! :)

March 27, Sat
It's "Blackie's salon day". Blackie is Francis' Altis. We were out before lunch para magpa-change oil. Unfortunately, the place where Francis go for change oil is already closed (and for sale). We then head to another Francis' suki for some car item repair. Then, to Toyota for Francis' complain about the not-so-good work made on Blackie. He probably needs to go back to Casa. Sorry, Blackie, I made u sick. :( 

And after all these Blackie items, we went straight to Mega for a good lunch at Savory, movie time and the continuation of  "the search". 

March 28, Sun
After church, what else should we do? ...The search is still on! :)

Francis is happpy with Ambassador Orthopedic Mattress. Philippine made c Ambassador. Tangkilikin ang sariling atin! :) But we cannot decide yet on the mattress size we'd get since we were not able to bring the floor plan. So we just deposited  an amount for the item and will just advise the store of our preferred size pag super sure na kami.

We decided to go see again the condo to finalize the bed size. Isa pa, I already forgot the colors of everything inside - the doors, wall, kitchen counter, bathroom sink, etc. We bought a new friend before our condo visit.

Mr. Meter! :)

We were not able to see our actual unit since the key-keeper is not on duty but were able to see model units already furnished. Buti na lang! We're able to confirm that queen size bed would still seat comfortably in the bedspace, that the dining set we liked will match the interior, that sliding door for the cabnet is a very bright idea and that there is a space provided for an oven (which would make our expenses shoot up since we were only considering flat burners. Pero masaya ko. Secret wish ko na mag-oven kami e. pede akong magbake-bake. wow! :))

We met some occupants who already moved in their units and recommended stores for "good buy" items.

ako naman ang BIDA! :)

It was a surprise na maghapon na kami naglalakad at nag-drive pa si Francis pero deadma lang sya sa pagod. It seemed like he's really enjoying "the hunt". Ang saya-saya!
Past 7pm, we still went back to Mega to see the dining set (again!) and check the bedframes (again!) available in Our Home. And sure na kami, we'd have the dining set na sampung beses naming binalikan! :)

March 29, Mon
Morning, Francis sent me a mail from work with link to Our Home website.

Lunch time, he called me asking if I could check items in Our Home, SM North or SM Fairview. Then later thinks it would be better if I go to Trinoma first then he'd pick me up after office and we'd go to SM North.

After lunch, he called me again and said, "Pede nga ung square carpet gamitin natin ka-partner ng round dining table." "Mahal, d ka ba nagtatrabaho?", I asked. To which he responded, "Working with pleasure." nyahahaha!

So, I went to Trinoma just as instructed. hehe! Kaso, isa lang bedframe ang nakita ko sa isang shop and d sya pasado sa taste ko, malamang mas lalo na sa taste nya. Ang masaya lang ay nakakita ako ulit ng Automatic Center and they quoted the oven we want a little cheaper.

Plus, i got this...

original flavor plus banana crunch, sliced almonds and hershey's chocolates, love it! :)

At SM North, naninigas na ung legs ko sa sobrang lakad. At sobrang bumibilib na ko sa energy ni Francis. Highest level talaga! I can't complain much kase sya nga galing pang office at nag-drive e.

Un nga lang hindi masaya si Francis sa Our Home ng North. Mega branch has more items. 

We also checked SM appliances. Pero Automatic Center pa rin ang may best prices. Si SM kase 3% discount lang even sa cash purchases and not all items could be given discounts.

March 30, Tues
Today, I'm in Laguna. Francis is at work. It's rest day for the feet but not for the mind...

Francis texted, "Mahal, I am thinking kung double(-sized bed) na lang kunin natin not queen para maluwag sa room? What do u think?"

Tom we'll start "the hunt" again with Mama.

Francis: dati wedding details ngyon mga gamit sa bahay. Lume-LEVEL UP ka na! :D

Our Home - Home Depot - Blims - Forty Winks - Automatic Center - Landmark - Trinoma - SM makati - SM Mega - SM MOA - SM North  ...san pa ba may appliances at furnitures na maganda yet affordable?

soon-to-be-Homemaker :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Engagement Anniversary

may ganun?!

We went home from Tagaytay with an e-ring on my finger... That was a year ago. Sobrang bilis talaga ng panahon!

detailed kwento is here...

I immediately looked for my mom the moment we reached home. I put my left hand on my face to show  the "e-ring" on. Then my mom, who did not get it (or acted like she didn't?!), asked, "Ano ba? Nwalan ka na naman ba ng hikaw?" noticing that I'm not wearing my earrings. Then I made it obvious na through exagerated gestures.

Noticing the diamond ring, she said "Kaya rin kitang bilhan nyan!". She turned her back and walked away. Emotera! :D

the then girlfriend-turned-fiancee